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Year 11...What Next?

If you’re close to finishing Year 11 and you’re not sure what you’re going to do next year, take action now!

Sixth Form

Some schools may still allow you to apply for sixth form, but this is dependent on the school. Most schools offer the chance to continue education after GCSEs doing A Levels or vocational courses. You can find course details and entry requirements on the school websites. It’s too late to go to any Open Days but you may still be able to visit on results day, if you ring them you can find out. If you would like to stay at your current school, go and speak to the sixth form staff and students to find out more.


You still have time to apply to college. At college you can study A Levels, a huge range of vocational courses and some even offer apprenticeships. Vocational courses are related to a job so there are courses available in lots of different career areas including beauty therapy, animal care, horticulture, business, health and social care and science. The level you start on will depend on your GCSE results.

Apply as soon as possible and ring them after a week or so to check your application has been received. Also make sure you keep an eye on their website for details of special events and any opportunity to visit. They will have helplines and enrolment events in September.


An apprenticeship will give you a professional qualification while you work. Apprenticeships are available in a huge range on careers including finance, art, science, motor mechanic, bricklaying, hairdressing and social media marketing. You can start your apprenticeship search by registering on the government apprenticeship website then writing a CV and start sending it to employers. 

Have a back-up plan

Make sure you apply to everything you're interested in, as this allows you to keep your options open and you aren’t committed to anything. Having a back-up plan is always a good idea just in case you don’t get the grades you expect or find the apprenticeship you want.