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Where Can Your GCSEs Lead You?

After GCSE, courses are available at different levels and are available full time at Sixth Form or College or part time through an apprenticeship. There are a wide range of courses and apprenticeships available to you.

This year, some GCSEs are changing. English Language, English Literature and Math will now be graded by a new numbered system. The rest of the GCSEs will still be graded A* - C until 2018.

The new system grades you from 9-1, with 9 being the highest grade you can get. You can see which letter grade pairs with which number grade here:

New GCSE Grading System

If you’re at all confused by the grading system, make sure you speak to your teachers or an Ansbury careers adviser if you have one in your school.

A Levels

To do A Levels after school, you need GCSEs at a C and above or, in the new system, a grade 4 and above. A Levels could lead to a job or a university degree, depending on whether you want to continue your education.

Vocational Courses

Vocational Courses provide training and qualifications related to a specific job such as customer service or plumbing and include work experience. Vocational Courses come in three levels:

Level 1 + 2

If you got D (or 3) grades, you will start on a Level 2. Level 2 courses are the same as 4 C+ (or 4+) GCSE grades and from here you could move onto a Level 3 course either part time or full time through an apprenticeship.

If you got E and F (2 or 1) grades you will start on a Level 1. From here you can move onto Level 2 and then Level 3.

Level 3

To do a Level 3 Vocational Course, you will need 4 C grades and above or four 4 grades and above, although you may need at least a C (or a 4) in English, Maths and Science. Level 3 courses are equivalent to A Levels, only more practical and from a Level 3 you can move onto university, as long as you’re studying a relevant subject.

Depending on the course, you may need to start on a Level 2 or a Level 1 even if you get C+ (or 4+) grades.

You should have some idea of what career you would like to go into, but even if you change your mind later on you will have gained lots of skills, experience and a recognised qualification.

Sixth form staff will be available in school on GCSE results day if you need to change your plans and colleges have staff available all summer and will offer special help days when the results come out in August.