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What can Face Forward do for you?

We can help you, if you...

  • are aged between 15 to 24
  • live in Dorset
  • are not in education or training
  • are unemployed
  • have the right to live and work in the UK


Face Forward can support you to…

  • Gain confidence in yourself
  • Explore your options, interests and ambitions
  • Develop new skills
  • Gain qualifications
  • Enrol in a new course
  • Take up volunteering or training
  • Enhance your ability to apply for work


Just to put some examples…

  • We can help you if you’re living in a rural area and you’re struggling to get a job because you can’t access regular public transport.
  • We can help if you’ve got a physical health condition that is affecting your emotions and your day-to-day life.
  • We can help you if you often feel anxious, you've got low self-confidence and/or self-esteem or if you’ve got depression.
  • We can support you if you’re a young carer (this means that you’re taking care of a relative of friend).
  • We can help you if you’re a young parent.
  • We can help you if you’ve got problems with alcohol or drugs.

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