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Mentor Post - 17 Apr


Mentor post, 17th April 2020.

Easter has come and gone, and we’ve just finished a shorter than normal week due to the Monday Bank Holiday.

Once again, because of Covid-19, this week has been another week of targeting new online audiences, within the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch area. We’ve been looking at housing authorities and similar, we are also homing in on some local SMEs and carers to work with.  

In terms of forward planning, for when the lockdown eases and we can get out and meet clients face to face again, we’ve been looking at how we can use Office 365, and especially the Teams functionality to communicate with our clients. Moving forward we hope to use 365/Teams for all the clients that sign up to our project. The thinking was that Microsoft 365/Teams would be an ideal platform to give access to and host our client's personal development plans. This has been a little bit of a stumbling block, due to client's accounts not working how we envisaged them. After quite a bit of testing this week it’s looking like we might have finally made a breakthrough. Fingers crossed!

In other news, below are the latest statistics for our Jobs Board.

  • 110 Total views
  • 1 min Avg time spent
  • 21% Avg completion
  • 86 glanced
  • 15 read quickly
  • 09 read in depth

And the latest stats for our Wellbeing help newsletter are:

  • 35 Total views
  • 3 min Avg time spent
  • 42% Avg completion
  • 18 glanced
  • 6 read quickly
  • 11 read in depth

Finally, if you live in either Bournemouth, Poole or Christchurch and are aged 19 or over and struggling with basic digital or online tasks do get in contact on 01202 677557, and either Sarah or I will call you back.