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Volunteering experience at Hengistbury Head and The Big Draw Festival

Hi there, my name is Ben. I’m one of the Face Forward apprentices for the area of Bournemouth and East Dorset. Following last week’s post, I’d like to share my experience of volunteering.

Recently, I took part in a volunteer project with Thomas, one of the Face Forward participants. Thomas joined Face Forward because, due to personal circumstances he needed support to build up his confidence and get involved in social activities more often. As Thomas was really keen on helping the environment and making a difference, we suggested taking up volunteering.

On our first day, we went to Hengistbury Head to help in a conservation project. Our main task was to clear the area so natterjack toads could reproduce and bury their eggs beneath the soil. The day was fun and we developed teamwork skills. It was also a good opportunity to meet like-minded people and getting used to work with individuals you haven’t met before.

Thomas volunteering HHThomas volunteering

Thomas said: “I really enjoyed socialising and helping the natterjack toads at Hengistbury Head!”

On the second day, we went to The Big Draw Festival Ben painting volunteerat Boscombe Sovereign Centre. Our role involved helping with the kids’ workshops and painting a new welcoming area with bright colours.

It was uplifting to see young people being helpful, thinking about the environment and being creative. It inspired me to do more volunteering and be more involved in the community. Overall, two of the best days of work I’ve ever had! I loved seeing people, including myself, get involved with things they don’t normally do.

Face Forward is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the National Lottery Community Fund.