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Today is Young Carers Awareness Day

By Chloe Creed and Kyle Jenkins

25th January 2018

Today is Young Carers Awareness Day...Young carers are just young people – with caring responsibilities! They look the same as everyone else, but they can lead very different lives!

Did you know that one in 12 secondary school pupils in the UK are a young carer?

This army of young people are often invisible and vulnerable, many will suffer physical and mental illness as a consequence of the burden they carry. 13,000 will care for more than 50 hours a week.

Young carers should have:

  • The time to be a young person
  • The same opportunities as their friends
  • Good support for the person they look after
  • Their rights acknowledged so that they can discuss their needs for support.

MyTIME are determined to give them a voice, some help, friendship, fun, freedom and a break.  

The My Time’s outdoor centre at Worth Matravers in Dorset gives young carers somewhere fun, safe and secluded to escape to.

We talked to Joanne Barker, Community Partnership Director, about My Time and the residential breaks they are planning for young carers.

Find out more about MyTIME: https://www.mytimecharity.co.uk/

As part of the residentials, young carers can take part in some exciting activities:

Sunrise Bushcraft offers tailored events that include activities such as shelter building, fire making, woodland foraging, team games, cooking, bow making, primitive living, plant medicines, animal track & signs, knife work, and much more, for adults, families, adult groups and groups of children - including those participants challenged by disability, mental health problems or learning difficulties.

We talked to James White, Director and CEO to find out what he does.

Find out more about Sunrise Bushcraft: http://www.sunrisebushcraft.com/

Emerald Ant’s artworks are large scale, outdoor, celebratory and spectacular. They create street theatre, carnival processions, installations and giant costume for outdoor events, often engaging schools and community groups in research and design before creating. They have a commitment to helping broaden opportunities for young people.

We talked to Sarah Butterworth – Creative Director to find out what Emerald Ant will be doing on the MyTIME residentials and where she gets her inspiration from.

Find out more about Emerald Ant https://emeraldant.com/

My Time are a partner in the Face Forward project, which means that if you join Face Forward and you are a carer we can support you to take part in the opportunities MyTIME can offer! As part of the programme, we’ll also support you to gain confidence in yourself, explore your interests and ambitions, develop your skills and qualifications and move forward towards achieving your goals.

Start your journey with Face Forward: https://www.ansbury.co.uk/Contact_us.html


Face Forward is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the National Lottery Community Fund.