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Starting Year 12 (or AS Level)

Choosing to go to college or sixth form after school is a big decision, but your first year is a good time to start thinking about your next big decision!


If you are thinking about going to university, you have a year before you have to apply to university to get the skills you need to get in.

For some university courses, experience is vital for example medical careers, social work, teaching and veterinary science. Here are some ideas of what sort of work experience you can do:

  • Teaching – helping out with younger or less able students
  • Social Work – volunteering at a youth club
  • Medical – volunteering at care homes or schools for disabled children. You could also look at hospital websites for volunteering opportunities
  • Law – visit law courts and follow cases in the papers

You can browse course ideas at websites like www.ukcoursefinder.com or www.ucas.com

Apprenticeships or Full-Time Work

If you don’t fancy continuing full-time education or want to earn money while still learning, then start researching careers. You can find jobs related to the courses you’re studying at college or sixth form or you can do work experience or work shadowing to test out careers you think you’d like to do. Job profiles are available to browse through at https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk or you can get ideas from www.notgoingtouni.co.uk

Universities or employers are looking for people with a range of interests and experience. A part-time job in somewhere like a shop shows a willingness to work, learn new things and will improve your communication skills and customer service. Volunteer work looks good on your CV as well, visit www.do-it.org.uk to find opportunities.

If you’re not sure what you want to do after college or sixth form, make sure you start researching your options and talk to a careers advisers or teacher now.