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Part Time Work

A part-time Saturday job is a great way to build your confidence and gain new skills which will look great on your CV and for when you begin applying for sixth form, college, university or full time work.

There are lots of young people looking for work and if you’ve never had a job before, part time Saturday jobs aren’t easy to find, so you’ll need to persevere.  Try local shops, hairdressers, cafes, restaurants, pubs serving food, hotels, paper rounds and car washing at garages. For larger shops like supermarkets and department stores you’ll probably need to be 16 or 18, and may have to apply online, check websites for details.

Start by looking online, calling up or going into places and asking if they have any vacancies. Make sure you take your CV with you, because even if they have no current vacancies they should keep hold of your CV for when they do.  Plan what you’re going to say and keep it simple - “I’m looking for a part time job and wondered if you had anything?”  Be polite, look them in the eye and smile, this is your chance to make a good first impression.  You’re bound to be a bit nervous but the worst that can happen is that they’ll say no.

Having a part time Saturday job doesn’t always have in an official workplace. Be creative, how could you earn money by working for your family, neighbours or friends?  Here are some ideas – babysitting, car washing, house work, gardening, grocery shopping, dog walking, or looking after pets. But make sure you stay safe, only ask people you know and ALWAYS talk things over with your parents/guardians.

If you haven’t finished Year 11 yet, your employer must apply for a work permit for you which they, your parents/guardians and your school need to sign. There are certain types of work you can’t do and there are restrictions on the hours you can work, although these vary during the holidays. 

For details on what types of work and hours you can do, go to one of these sites and search “work permit”:




To find out more on how to land yourself a job, check out Ansbury’s Essential Guide to Job Hunting or check if there is an Ansbury Careers Adviser in your school who will be available to help with your CV.