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No Fear in Here available to listen now!



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Five Face Forward young people worked together to produce an album with three tracks, as part of the Music Motivator project, held in collaboration with The Absolute Music Trust.

Last week, Face Forward Apprentice, Ben held an album listening party to celebrate the launch of the album, titled ‘No Fear in here.’ Sophie Dight, Henry Weir-Parsons, Jaz Hamilton, Brian Thompson and Hermione Lawrence worked together to write, produce and design the album.

The launch party was held at the YMCA Fusion Youth Centre. The launch party consisted of a listening party, food, and each participant receiving their Absolute Music Trust Certificate and a copy of their album. Music Tutor, Jamie, helped lead a song writing workshop, which had Face Forward Adviser, Dom Weir, rapping.

Jules Benton, Ansbury Development Manager, said: “The project developed the confidence and skills of our participants and apprentices. I was impressed by the amount of talent they showed individually and as a group - the fabulous music they produced is a tribute to them all!”

Music Motivator is a participant-led project that aims to support and encourage young people through music production. Participating in the project, the young people have learnt to play new instruments, to write lyrics, sing, rap and lots more. Throughout the project, the music workshops were ran by Music Tutor, Jamie King, who also edited and produced the three tracks. 

The YMCA Fusion Youth Club also run a Brunch Club on Saturdays at 11:30am -2pm at the Fusion Youth Centre. It’s a place where young people can meet new people, learn new skills, take part in performances.

Listen to the tracks below:


Face Forward is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the National Lottery Community Fund.