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Year 11 - What To Do Now

If you’re taking your GCSEs in the summer, you should already be planning for next year, but don’t panic if you don’t because it’s not too late!


Most colleges will have open days and evenings throughout the year, the dates for these will be on the college’s websites. Make sure you apply to the colleges you would like to go to now though as you can always change the application later on.

Look at the courses you’d like to do in detail. What does the course involve? Will it lead to the career you want? What grades and subjects do you need? Is there a lower level course if you need it? Make sure you consider all your options and take everything into consideration before you decide anything! If you need help with making decisions, talk to your parents/carers, teachers or an Ansbury Careers Adviser if you have one in your school.

Sixth Form

Sixth forms will usually have open events in the autumn, but if you’d like to you can contact them and ask if you can visit and maybe sit in on some lessons as well.

If you are planning on staying at your current school, talk to your Head of Sixth Form and the subject teachers. Make sure you ask what the course involves, what grades you need and what subjects are required. You can always ask to sit on lessons and look through sixth formers work to get a feel of what is involved.


If you’re hoping to get an apprenticeship, you can register for vacancies at www.apprenticeships.gov.uk. You can also apply to Training Providers so check the apprenticeship section of college websites and use the Dorset and Somerset Training Provider Network at www.dstpn.co.uk. You should also start sending your CV to companies you would like to work for. 

Make sure you apply for a full time college or sixth form course as well just in case you don’t get the apprenticeship you want. You can always turn it down later on but it’s always good to keep your options open as courses may be full if you leave it too late.