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National Careers Week 2018

As we come to the end of National Careers Week, here is a reminder of the information we shared on social media this week!

Career Choices

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, jobs change and evolve with it. Each year new jobs are created to reflect our needs for example before social media there was no such thing as a social media assistant or before self-scanning machines in supermarkets they didn’t hire self-scanning machine attendants.  It’s always worth researching the different careers out there for yourself as there will be lots of new jobs that a lot of people might not have heard of but could appeal to you.

The best way to find out what career choices you have is to research the subjects you’re studying or would like to study. For example, if you Google: “where can English take you?” you can find out what careers studying English can lead to.

Career Routes

What route do you need to take to get to your dream career? If you want to study Science at college, you have to take Triple Science as a GCSE. If you want to study a language at university e.g. French, you have to study French at A Level and to study French at A Level you have to have studied it at GCSE.

If you know what career you’d like to have in the future or at least what industry you’d like to work in, you can work backwards and see exactly what qualifications you need. Look at job vacancies similar to the career you’d like and see what qualifications you need.

Career Quizzes

If you have absolutely no idea what you’d like to do in the future or how you could use the subjects you enjoy and turn them into a career, a careers quiz could help you!

Careers quizzes can help to identify your personality type, highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses as well as passions and show which careers work best with these things in mind.




Work Experience

As well as getting valuable experience in a work environment, work experience is also a great way to test out different careers.

If you’re unsure about career you’d like, you can try a few different ones out by doing work experience. Alternatively, if you do know what career you’d like, work experience is a great to determine this. If you do work experience and find you hate the job, it’s much easier to start thinking about a different career as early as possible.

A lot of careers require experience in a related area, even entry level careers. Valuable work experience is one good way to make your CV stand out from others. By doing work experience you can also learn about how the working environment works and useful skills for other workplaces and careers.