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My Top 5 New Skills

By: Leyla Yilmaz

12th October 2017

1280398 reducedSince I joined the Face Forward project, I’ve developed and used many new skills. Here are my top five job skills that have helped me and my colleagues throughout the day and will add value to my CV and work experience:


Effective communication skills

My communication skills have developed loads since I started working on the Face Forward project. As my role includes being out and about and peer-to-peer mentoring, I’m not in the office often. For health and safety reasons, it’s important that I communicate with my manager and colleagues regularly so they always know where I am. My electronic diary is a great way of communication and I make sure it’s always up to date.

Communication is important when writing emails and texts as well. I need to make sure that I word emails right as they may be interpreted differently on the other end. A great way to make sure they are read correctly is to add a smiley face emoji to them 😊


Planning and organising

Planning and organising my time is a skill I have developed greatly. It’s important that I plan my day so I can be the most productive. A way I have previously done this is by booking appointments for all Weymouth clients on the same day, so we don’t waste time travelling.

Self-management is essential too. Every morning, I create a list and prioritise my tasks, sparing some time for everyday activities, such as replying to emails and talking to colleagues.


Problem solving skills

Whilst working on the project I have realised my problem-solving skills are strong. I often look for solutions instead of raising problems. I can deal with any problem that comes up by breaking it down and identifying key issues. An example where I recently applied this is when a participant needed a large amount of money to access an opportunity. Before feeding back to my manager, I analysed the problem and explored different avenues. As a result, the problem was solved very quickly and efficiently.


Initiative and self-motivation

This skill involves having new, original ideas and make them possible. I often show strong personal drive and I don’t wait to be asked to do things. In fact, I’m often asking all team members for things to be done. I would also consider myself a proactive person as I’m always looking for new ways to promote Face Forward and help young people as much as possible.



Creativity is the next step from problem-solving. I find original ways to get tasks done. For example, at the beginning of the project I came up with a mind map of ideas for advertisement. I then went onto organising events and creating games to catch young people’s attention. This is shown as successful, as we had positive feedback and we now have loads of young people on the project.

Face Forward is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund.