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Making the Most of Summer

Exams are over – or at least they will be soon – so it’s time to think about how you can use the summer holidays to start preparing for your future. If you want to go into a medical or teaching profession, voluntary work and work experience are essential.

If you know which career you’d like to go into, try and do things that are relevant. Here are some ideas:

  • Teaching – get involved in summer play schemes – try churches, leisure centres, local authorities and Bernardo’s.
  • Law – visit a law court or do a tour of the Houses of Parliament.
  • English at university – get involved in reading schemes at a library or book shop and look out for local literary festivals.
  • History at university – volunteer at a museum.
  • Social work – volunteer at a care home or youth centre.
  • Medical careers – do a first aid course, volunteer with disabled children or at a care home.
  • Sports related careers – help out with summer schemes at a leisure centre or youth club.
  • Fashion – volunteer in a charity shop and ask to do the windows and displays, help with costumes for a drama group.
  • Art – help out at art based holiday play schemes.
  • Police – volunteer with youth or sports groups.

Test out careers you’re considering by doing work shadowing to see if you enjoy the work. Ask around family and friends and contact employers directly and ask if you can spend a day with them.  Don’t forget to check with employers that you’ll be covered by their insurance.

Developing your confidence and communication skills are useful whatever your career plans are. Doing things like working in a shop, a café and volunteering in a charity shop will improve these skills.

Universities and employers want people with drive and initiative, prove this by getting involved with as much as possible this summer.