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Make Sure Your Personal Statement Stands Out!

If you are planning on attending university in 2018, listen up!

Your personal statement will be one of the most important aspects of your application. It’s your chance to convince your chosen universities they should give you a place at their university. Your UCAS application form will cover basic details like your qualifications, while your reference will give your school or college’s view of you. What the universities really want to know is why you are interested in your subject and what you have done that’s relevant, plus your other achievements and interests.  Don’t just write a list of things, but say what you did, why and what you learned or gained from it.

Start your personal statement off by talking about where your interest in your subject comes from. Give examples of how you’ve developed your interest, perhaps by work experience or wider reading.  You could mention where you’d like the subject to take you in the future but don’t worry if you’ve not got any concrete career plans yet.

Next, explain what you’ve learned from your A levels/Level 3 course. Go into detail and share what you’ve enjoyed, why and how they link with the subject you’re applying for. Universities want students who are enthusiastic and prepared to get involved with their studies and with university life. 

Then talk about your other interests and achievements and the skills they have helped you develop. For example, you could say (if you have of course), you participated in the Duke of Edinburgh award to learn new things and the most important skill you learned is how to work effectively in a team. It’s fine to include anything relevant you have planned for the future, but make sure you follow through, you may have to talk about what you did at the interview.

Make sure you show your first draft to several different people to get a range of opinions and make sure your spelling and grammar are perfect.

And it’s always best to start as soon as possible, your personal statement will take longer than you think!