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Job Interview Tips

An interview means the employer is interested in you and wants to find out more. This is your chance to make the best impression you can and it is vital you do so! Use these tips to help you:

  • Make sure you research the employer and the job in detail. Look at their website, read through the job description and anything they’ve sent you.
  • Try and give as many examples of things you have done and achieved. Think of the examples before your interview so you are prepared and make them relevant to the job. Use the STAR method to help you plan your answers:
    • Explain the Situation
    • Outline the Task
    • Describe the Activity
    • What was the Result?
  • Prepare for some of the questions that may be asked. Standard questions include:
  • Why do you want this job? 
  • What do you know about the work/company? 
  • What are you good at/bad at? 
  • What have you done that’s relevant? 
  • What achievement are you most proud of? 
  • Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years’ time? 
  • What can you bring to this job/company?
  • Re-read your application and CV to remind you what you said.
  • Communication skills are vital. If there’s more than one interviewer, when you answer a question make sure you talk to the person who asked the question. Don’t forget to make eye contact and try and look as relaxed as possible.
  • Interviews are also an opportunity for you to find out more about the job so think of some questions for the interviewer about what you’d like to know more of. Don’t ask about pay or holiday, instead ask about training or prospects.


  • It’s fine to take a few moments to think before you answer a question.
  • Prepare your outfit the day before.
  • Plan your journey to the interview beforehand and make sure you double check bus times, train times or whether there is parking.