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It's Time to Get Your CV Ready!

Is your cv ready- editedThe first key step to finding a job or apprenticeship is having a good CV. You should tailor your CV to each job or apprenticeship that you apply for to give you your best chance.

The beginning of your CV needs your basic details. This includes your name, address, mobile number, home number and email address. When including your email and mobile number, think about the image your email address and answerphone message give off. Make sure your email address and answerphone message are suitable and simple.

Next comes the personal statement. This should be a few punchy sentences which sum up your relevant skills and what you’re looking for in a career.

Then, do a bullet pointed list of three or four of your key skills, ones that are most relevant to the opportunity you are applying for. Make sure you include where you gained your skills.

Here are some examples:

  • Communication skills – developed through working in a shop
  • Team work skills – I have played for a netball team for 5 years
  • Organisational skills – I always meet coursework deadlines

Next, list your qualifications and education. When you have taken exams, put the date so it will be clear that you’re waiting for results. If you haven’t taken any exams yet, put down your predicted grades, but make sure you make it clear they are predicted.

Follow this with work experience and jobs, include paper rounds, babysitting or helping neighbours. Make sure you list the most recent first, state the time period you worked there for and say what the work involved and what you learned from it.

Next, include a section titled Other Information covering your hobbies, interests and achievements.  Mention if you have transport, live on a bus route or have first aid qualifications.

Finish off your CV by putting details of two references, one should be from school or college.  Or write “I would be pleased to supply references on request.”

Make sure you layout your CV in a way that’s readable, in a font that is clear and professional and don’t go over 2 pages of A4. 

For more information writing a CV and for a CV template, check out Ansbury’s Essential Guide to Job Hunting Book!

Research careers using the Job Profiles at https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/Pages/Home.aspx