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Getting Career Ideas

Finding a career pathway that’s suitable for you can be hard, but using these tips you can find your dream job!

There are hundreds of websites with career quizzes but the most useful two to use are the Buzz test and The Game.

These sites ask questions about your interests and what is important to you in a job, and then suggests which careers areas suit you. From here you can identify your personal qualities and key skills. Think about everything you’ve done at school and in your own time, this could be anything from babysitting, DIY, cooking, school projects, positions of responsibility, part time jobs, work experience, interests and sports. What skills and qualities did you need to do these things properly?

For example, a good babysitter should be reliable, kind and patient as well as able to stay calm and be responsible. Doing DIY shows you have practical skills and can use tools, equipment and can work carefully and accurately. Playing sports shows the ability to work in a team, commitment and that you are fit and active. Working in a shop shows you have customer service skills and that you can deal with all kinds of people.

Next, make a list of hobbies and things you enjoy doing, including subjects at school, and think about how they link to careers.

The next stage is researching job profiles. Use the job profiles from the National Careers Service or CareersBox to see a description of the job and what skills, interests and qualifications it requires. You can also find out the entry routes for the job. Make sure you look at the related jobs as well, each article gives other ideas and the Job Profiles are arranged in career areas. For example, if you are researching Physiotherapy, make sure you look at all the other careers in the medicine and nursing section.  You might not have thought of Audiologist, Chiropodist or Radiographer, but they all need similar skills and interests. 

Once you’ve decided on a career path, you can begin to take the necessary steps towards getting into that career!