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Finding a job can be hard...Finding a job you love is even harder!

By Charlotte Michael

16th November 2017

To give you an idea of how I came to be on this apprenticeship, let me set the scene.

I had two jobs and not much to show for it. I would desperately try to get any hours I possibly could and some days I would start work at 8:45am and not return home until 3am. Ready to do it all over again.1290383 resized

I felt stuck in jobs that I felt no real passion for and had no potential for development or progression. I needed something with meaning and something to sink my teeth into.  I did however, seem to have a genuine ability to talk to and help customers, be that over the phone or in person.

So, I did what any person of my age would do, I took to the internet. After fifty-nine pages of the job search site ‘Indeed’…there it was. My apprenticeship. The second I saw it, I knew that that was what I had been waiting for and that my customer facing skills would come in handy after all.

The closing date was less than twenty-four hours away, which meant I had to move quickly, but here I am today an apprentice at Ansbury Guidance. I haven’t looked back since.

From personal experience, these are a few of my tips in finding a job:

  1. Technology is your friend

If you don’t know what you are looking for, searching on job recruitment sites like ‘Indeed’ can be a good starting point. It will be hard going and laborious, but you will gradually narrow your search. If you do have a specific organisation in mind, most companies will have a recruitment page, take a look and even sign up to their notifications. This means you will find out about new opportunities hot off the press.   

  1. Who you know counts

It is perfectly okay to ask friends and family if they know of any jobs. You don’t need to do it alone... Use them! Consider it this way, if a mate recommends you to their boss for a job, that can act as a cheeky extra character reference on top of the official ones you will be asked for. 

  1. Keep your CV up to date

As I can attest to, you never know when a job opportunity will pop up. If you keep your CV up to date, nothing will phase you.   

  1. Don’t be afraid to be old fashioned

I have known many friends who got jobs literally by printing off a stack of CVs and going into shops to talk directly to the staff there. It works. Some companies don’t like doing their recruitment online and rather build rapport face to face. Again, you never know when an opportunity will pop up.   

  1. Keep your chin up

Hope for success, but if it doesn’t work out, keep your chin up and learn from it. Sometimes being knocked back spurs you on to look even harder and you find a job better than the last. So please don’t give up at the first hurdle.


I hope these tips help you find the job opportunity you have been searching for.

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