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Dorset Chamber Life Skills


A local employer mentoring programme for 'care experienced'
young people

If you're 13 – 25, currently or previously 'in care' with Dorset Council or BCP Council, and would like support to help you focus on career development or building up your employability skills – Dorset Chamber Life Skills can help you!

So what is Dorset Chamber Life Skills?
We've partnered with Dorset Chamber for a unique, one-to-one, employer mentoring programme. Dorset Chamber have gathered together local employer mentors within their network who want to support you to build up workplace confidence, build motivation for your future, and help you move towards your employment, education or training goals. Currently all mentoring sessions are either online or over the phone – whichever platform suits you best.

Who would my employer mentor be?
The mentors come from a range of Dorset businesses – so you could be mentored by a finance genius, marketing guru, sales manager, hospitality expert, travel agent, or many other local professionals.

How long would the mentoring be for?
Six sessions minimum. They can be flexible to fit around yours and your mentor's lifestyle.

What is covered in the sessions?
A range of employability skills – these could be learning about the top skills employers look for, gaining self-confidence, creating a CV, seeking and applying for jobs, and preparing for interviews.

How do I get involved?

Dorset Chamber referral process

Be inspired. Link up with a local employer mentor.

Text "Dorset Chamber Life Skills + your name" to 07884 438 908.
Alternatively, you can email or fill out our online contact form here.

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