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Coping with Redundancy

Being made redundant is always a shock, even if you’ve been expecting it. Make sure you give yourself some time to adjust and try not to make any major life decisions for a little while. When going through redundancy, you may go through stages associated with grief and loss such as anger. Feeling angry is a normal reaction to redundancy as is depression. Use these feelings to help move forward.

Try to stay positive by tackling practical problems and seeking support from family and friends. It will take time but you will start to see the positives and be ready to rebuild your career, but you may need to start thinking differently and looking at alternatives.

Stay Motivated

When you suddenly stop having the structure of a job, it’s essential you stay motivated. You’ll need to find your own structure and create your own goals and targets to work on.

Build regular rewards into your day, to reward yourself and to keep you motivated. Also, do something active every day and consider relaxation techniques such as yoga, Pilates or meditation.


Keep a Routine

Try and stick to a similar routine you had before and regard looking for work as a job. Set yourself practical goals to work towards and be realistic about the possibility of setbacks.


To Do Lists

Lists are a great way to make sure you know what you’ve got to do and ticking off even the simplest of tasks will feel like an accomplishment. Make a to do list every day. Try and do the most difficult in the morning to get them over and done with. This may include things like updating your CV or completing application forms.

Writing Notes

Keep Track

Make sure you keep track of all the jobs you’ve applied to, so you’re prepared when you get a phone call back. Also keep track of applications, phone calls, letters and emails with dates, closing dates, names and address and responses received. Applications won’t always be acknowledged and it may take a few before you get an interview. This is totally normal. Keep copies of all your applications so you don’t have to start from scratch each time.

A lot of job searches and applications are done over the Internet so look into IT courses if you need help with this, they are often free.  Also, ask at the Job Centre if there is a Job Club near you where you can use the internet and get support.


If you are over 19 and need any support with your CV or where to go next, please call us on 01202 677557 and see if we can help!