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January 2021 Update

Bourne Digital January 2021 Update

Jan UpdateNew Year – new skills!

Bourne Digital is continuing to run through lockdown and we have places available for February and March 2021 programmes!

As we kick off 2021, the Bourne Digital project continues to move forward, unaffected by the national lockdown. Our inductions and device handovers are still able to carry on at Bournemouth Library as normal, with strict social distances measures in place, although the library is currently closed to the general public. The latest library service updates can be found here.

The Bourne Digital project is part of the Power Up initiative and is delivered by Ansbury Guidance in partnership with BCP Library Service, Skills & Learning, BCHA & Routes to Inclusion. It is an initiative by Good Things Foundation with the financial support of J.P Morgan. The Bourne Digital project is funded until the end of June 2021, which is why it is more important than ever to refer any potential clients now to avoid disappointment. We have two more intakes available, starting 8th February and finally 4th March 2021.

As a part of the Bourne Digital process, we are always keen to give our clients all the information they need to succeed. One such piece of news that caught our eye this week was the ‘An Hour to Skill’ campaign launched by the Government, which sets out to boost the nations employability by taking one of courses from the Government’s Skills Toolkit.

In other Bourne Digital news

We have purchased 5 new HP laptops, which means we have more capacity for new clients.

Dorset Police have kindly sent us lots of useful items, including UV security marker pens and RFID blocking wallet cards to hand out to our clients when they end the course. A big thank you to them!

ArsenalWe would also like to mention one of the Bourne Digital clients who has just finished our 12-week course. His name is Arsenal, and he has recently published a book ‘A boy called Arsenal’ about a man who, after a life-long battle with mental and physical problems, finally became diagnosed with autism at the age of forty-nine in 2011. We will be publishing details of Arsenal’s own journey with Bourne Digital soon.

We are now also producing and sharing an internal weekly roundup of opportunities and news that our clients might be interested in. The round up will be anything from local volunteering opportunities, new course opportunities, wellbeing help and more. 


If you would like to refer a client to us, here is a recap of who we are looking for:

  • Lives in Bournemouth (BH1-BH11) - we can take clients from Poole and Christchurch if they meet all the other criteria and are willing to travel to Bournemouth Library for face-to-face appointments. There is a small amount of funding available to cover mileage, car parking and bus fares if needed. 
  • Aged 19 to 65 years
  • Unemployed, and looking for work or underemployed and have the right to live and work in the UK.
  •  Have no or exceptionally low digital skills and no digital device at home*.

*We can support clients who have low digital skills but do have a device, however, priority is given to those without.

If you know of anyone with no, or exceptionally low digital/computer skills and would like to join our course, you can contact us by calling 01202 677557 to arrange a call back. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Alternatively, to find out more about our 12-week online confidence building course click here.

Before clients are accepted on the course, they will be asked to take part in a phone assessment, to gauge their suitability for the programme. Clients who do not meet the project criteria will be referred to a National Careers Service appointment or to one of our partners for further support.

If you would like us to talk to your team or clients about the project, please do not hesitate to let a member of the team know.