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Becoming a Make-Up Artist

Working as a professional make-up artist can be an incredibly fun, challenging and rewarding career that can take you anywhere in the world, introduce you to countless new faces and enable you to be highly creative! As more people are realising the endless positives a career in make-up artistry has to offer, the profession is becoming increasingly popular and there are more options than ever to gain access to this area of the creative industries.

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Here are 3 tips on where to start if you want a career as a make-up artist:

  • Firstly, you will need to undergo some form of training. There are a range of courses at Colleges, Universities and private institutions across the UK which can provide training in a wide variety of areas, including make-up and hair for fashion, film, TV and theatre, wig making and prosthetics. The work you would like to do as a make-up artist will help determine which course is right for you. This will also equip you with the skills you need to be a freelancer and how to run yourself as a business.


  • You will need to build a portfolio of work; this will showcase what you can do to prospective employers, it should contain only your best work, display a wide range of techniques and designs, a variety of models and should be updated constantly! These are also a vital tool for training course interviews.


  • Networking is another vital step towards becoming a successful make-up artist; there are very few full-time positions in the industry, work is usually on a freelance basis and goes from contract to contract. The more photographers, stylists, directors, costume designers and other make-up artists who can recommend you the better! Word of mouth is the best form of advertising who you are and what you can do, and collaborating with other artists can help you begin building your portfolio when you’re just starting out. With these steps covered, you’re ready to start!

- Rachel, Makeup and Mane

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