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BLOG: Local Charities Day

Today is Local Charities Day!

Ansbury Guidance is a charity based in Dorset offering careers advice to schools, young people and adults through workshops, sessions, online support and 1:1 meetings.

Services we offer

  • Face Forward – for young people aged 15-24 who are struggling to find a job, enter education or training due to personal or circumstantial barriers.
  • Under 19s – support in deciding on the next step after school, college or sixth form and choosing a career pathway
  • 19+ Careers Guidance – support in career changes, self-employment and CV workshops
  • Parents/Carers – offering advice to best support a young person through major career decisions at ages 14, 16, 18 and beyond
  • Educators – running workshops and 1:1 careers advice sessions in schools for year 5 and up
  • Employers – assisting employers in recruiting young people in apprenticeships and jobs


  • "the professionalism of the Ansbury advisers we have been lucky enough to work with here has been first class. Louise is so very knowledgeable and works so well alongside all the staff and students here, she is one of the team!"
  • "It is a very thorough service and meets the needs of our students.  The one to one sessions are invaluable to our students and the Online/Chat advice is getting more popular and widely used. Ansbury is always extremely helpful to us as a school and were a huge help in a 1-day Careers Ofsted Inspection last March.”
  • "Excellent service and support from a committed and knowledgeable professional"
  • “We benefit from the insights you have into young people and their career expectations. This helps us to shape our apprenticeship schemes into an attractive proposition so that we can recruit, develop and retain our workforce of the future.”