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BLOG: What To Do In Summer?

So, your exams will soon be over, and you’ll have the whole summer ahead of you…what now?


Volunteering looks great on your CV and higher education applications as well as providing a fun and rewarding way to pass the time throughout the summer holidays. To find opportunities in Dorset, check out Volunteering in Dorset or search any charities you would like to get involved in and see what opportunities they have on offer. Most volunteering opportunities are flexible to suit you, so they can fit around other responsibilities in your life.

Festivals are hugely popular among young people but they’re also pretty expensive. Volunteering at a festival gets you in for free, looks good on your CV and gives you a chance to meet like-minded people. Volunteering at a festival is somewhat flexible too, so if there is an act you’d really like to see, the chances are that will be possible. Oxfam is one example of a charity that have festival volunteering opportunities.

If you’re interested in travelling and volunteering, Camp America is a good company to consider. While it costs just under £1000 to take part in Camp America, there are huge benefits. You get to spend the summer in America working on a summer camp and taking part in lots of activities such as paddle boarding and water-skiing. All of your accommodation, food and flights are included in this price.

Get a Part-Time Job

A part-time job gives you work experience that is crucial to securing a job in the future and gives you the opportunity to learn skills and earn money at the same time. The best way to find a part time job is hand in your CV to local businesses, shops, restaurants and coffee shops. If they have any job opportunities they will most likely have a sign up somewhere or they will tell you and even if they don’t, your CV will be kept for when they do have jobs going. However, as we move more into a digital world, businesses now like to post vacancies on their Facebook pages. Having a part time job makes finding another job a lot easier as well as giving you the opportunity to have a good reference from an employer.  

Get a Head Start

If you’re going onto university it might seem a long way away, but summer will go quicker than you think. Not only that, but your reading list will be longer than you think too! You could take the time to go over your reading list and familiarise yourself with the course material, so you’ve got a head start when university starts.

Improve your Hobbies and Skills

The spare time over summer could be put towards taking up a hobby or learning a new skill. Learning a new skill will look great on your CV and could greatly improve your life as well. You could start a blog or a YouTube channel which, if you’re interested in a career that involves media, is a fantastic way to showcase your skills to future employers.

Career Planning

Summer is a great chance to map the route you need to take to get the career you want. For example, if you’re interested in a career in journalism, you could research and plan what you need to do to get there with work experience, writing experience, and a degree or apprenticeship.

Once you’ve created your career plan with the steps you need to take, you can use the rest of the summer getting started on them!

Get an Internship

You may think it’s a little late to secure a summer internship but there are always opportunities going! Internships are mostly unpaid but undoubtedly make your CV stand out, helping you in the future as well as giving you real experience in a particular job field. When looking for a last minute placement the best websites to use, aside from Google, are Employment for Students, Rate My Placement and Student Job. Once you’ve began searching make sure you find an opportunity that was posted recently as one that was posted a few months ago is more than likely filled by now. But it doesn’t hurt to apply and see whether the post has been filled. Alongside using the websites provided you can browse LinkedIn for opportunities posted by businesses and email or phone companies to enquire about any current internships.

Whatever you decide, it is sure to help your CV, future and personal and professional skills.