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BLOG: Part Time Work

Working part time while studying is a great way to earn extra money, get some experience in the world of work and make some friends.

The part time work you’re doing might not seem totally relevant to the career you’d like to go into but there are skills that can be positive for any career such as teamwork skills, customer service and communication skills. These are called transferrable skills. Depending on the career you’d like to do, you may be able to do some part time work in that field, for example media and business related jobs can be found on People Per Hour or Fiverr.

Part time jobs also can help you learn other life skills. Budgeting is a skill that will be useful your whole life and as a student, even though you aren’t earning a full wage, there are still lots of things to pay for. From books to rent to food to printing out assignments, money can be tight. Having a part time job and learning how to budget will help this!  

Another skill you will learn is time management. When you’re studying, the chances are your assignment deadlines will already be putting your time management skills into practice. Having a part time job on top of this will only improve your time management skills further. However, don’t let a part time job get in the way of your studies.

If you’re struggling with doing your assignments because of work, don’t be afraid to speak to your manager and arrange for some time off around the major deadline dates. Some part time jobs offer 0 hour contracts which are very useful when you’re a student as you don’t have to do any shifts you don’t want to and you can work as little or as much as you want to.

With the help of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to find a job. Online job boards like Indeed and Reed will have part time jobs listed and most universities have jobs available on campus or a job board with local opportunities. It’s also worth going into places like pubs, restaurants and shops to see if they have any jobs available.