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Ashley's Journey


Ashley P hope2cycle

Before joining Face Forward, Ashley was struggling to find positive ways to spend his free time. He wasn’t yet ready to enter employment but wanted to start taking small steps to prepare him for work in the future.

Ashley decided that he would like to start volunteering at Hope2Cycle for one day a week. In this volunteering placement he has learnt to identify different bikes and bike parts, make bike repairs and has had the opportunity to take many cool bikes for a spin.

He has enjoyed being at Hope2Cycle so much, that he went back to volunteer for three extra days after his original placement was finished.

When asked how it has been, Ashley said: “The physicality of the role was tough but really fun. The staff are nice, funny, supportive and welcoming. Fixing the bikes has made me feel very good about myself and this is the best place I could have volunteered at.”

Josh, Peer Mentor said: "Ashley has made clear and positive steps, through social events and volunteering placements, to better himself and prepare for future employment. At Hope2Cycle he gained time keeping and organisational skills, and his enthusiasm to help the team is inspiring. He is very lively, cheerful and full of energy in the workplace and I believe his team were very grateful to have him there."

While on Face Forward Ashley has taken part in events at the REEF Youth Club in Wimborne; building his confidence and social skills. He has engaged with other participants well and got involved with all activities and sports.

Face Forward is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund.