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Application Forms

Application forms are your chance to secure an interview for an apprenticeship, full time or part time work so it’s important that you get it right!

Here are some tips: 

  • Make sure you use black ink and answer all the questions. It might be a good idea to print out a spare form to practise.
  • Read through the Job Advert and Job Description. Highlight the skills and experience they are looking for and use the application form to show that you’ve got the skills.
  • Think about everything you’ve done and how it may be useful to your application. Examples include previous jobs, qualifications, special projects, positions of responsibility like being a prefect, being on a sports team and your own hobbies and interests.
  • Don’t just describe what you did, be STAR:
  • Write down all your work experience including voluntary, part time and holiday work.
  • Make sure to use positive language such as achieved, negotiated, accomplished, coordinated.
  • If there’s a question you’re worried about or which highlights an area of weakness for you, be honest but keep it brief and make sure you emphasise the positive things you can offer.
  • Photocopy the completed form so you can go over what you’ve said and prepare for an interview.
  • Be clear about any learning difficulties, health problems or disabilities so that the employer can support you with them
  • Attach a covering letter to send along with the application form.
  • Double check you’ve answered all the questions appropriately and make sure your spelling and grammar is correct.

Application Form