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NEWS: Ansbury Apprentice Wins the National Inspiration Award

Advice and Guidance Apprentice, Kyle has won the National Inspiration Award acknowledging all of his hard work with young people for the past 9 years.

The staff and residents at the Quay Foyer nominated Kyle for this award because of the incredible support he has provided and his determination to be a positive role model.

Kyle’s Journey

At the age of 16, Kyle started off working as a youth worker at an LGBT group called SPACE in Poole. He volunteered there for just over a year and a half before moving onto his next challenge: Ambassador at the Quay Foyer.

Here, Kyle gave 1:1 support and peer mentoring. The Quay Foyer are a support service housing up to 50 young people between the ages of 16-25 who have, due to personal circumstances, had to leave their family home or have been rough sleeping. Many of the young people were going through a similar situation that Kyle himself had dealt with.

From living and working at the Quay Foyer, Kyle was invited along to the steering groups in the early days of Face Forward and was a huge part in the shaping of the project. Now he works in a team of Ansbury Apprentices, working with and supporting young people in a variety of ways not only in the Quay Foyer but in a range of places across Dorset.


Kyle decided to help other young people going through a similar situation as him, because he was aware that there are not many services out there that are able to provide the support that some people so desperately need. Knowing this, Kyle began to interact with the Quay Foyer residents to give them the support that he missed out on and to prevent them from heading down the wrong path.

This is something Kyle did for almost 9 years and as part of his apprenticeship, he still gets to go to the Quay Foyer and provide career guidance and information, help young people overcome their barriers and get them back into education and employment.