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After School Options

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Employers, colleges and sixth forms are offering many opportunities to suit all kinds of students.


Apprenticeships offer the chance to earn while you learn, giving you the skills, experience and qualifications necessary to your chosen career. It is commonly thought that apprenticeships are only for practical careers but apprenticeships now include a wider range of careers such as Accountancy and Marketing.

Apprenticeships last typically between 1 and 4 years and come in 3 different levels: Intermediate, Advanced and Higher. Intermediate apprenticeships are equivalent to 5 GCSEs and work towards achieving a NVQ Level 2. Advanced apprenticeships are equivalent to 2 A Levels and work towards achieving a NVQ Level 3. Higher apprenticeships work towards a NVQ Level 4 and in some cases a Foundation degree.

To search and apply for apprenticeships visit https://www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship

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A traineeship is a mixture between education and training giving you essential work experience that prepares you for your future and helping you to become work ready. Traineeships provide the essential skills, experience and work preparation training needed to land an apprenticeship or job. If you have been unsuccessful in securing a job or apprenticeship due to lack of skills then a traineeship may help you in getting more opportunities.

Traineeships are for students who are unemployed, have little to no work experience and are qualified below Level 3. Typically traineeships are unpaid but expenses are normally offered from employers.

To search and apply for traineeships visit https://www.gov.uk/find-traineeship

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Vocational Courses

Rather than college and sixth form being just for A Levels, it is possible to study vocational courses at college and some sixth forms as well. Vocational courses offer qualifications that are equivalent to A Levels and cover a huge range of career pathways like Health and Social Care, ICT and Performing Arts. Vocational courses are designed to help you learn through practical exercises about a specific job area.

Instead of general learning about subjects like with A Levels, vocational courses help you get the skills you need to start a job, progress in a career and get into higher education. Vocational courses such as BTEC’s provide the necessary qualifications to get into university in the same way as A Levels.

To search for vocational courses visit your local or chosen college’s or sixth form’s website and see what they have on offer.

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It always pays to check what other options are out there before you make a final decision and if you need help doing so check if there is an Ansbury Careers Advisers in your school who will be available to help. For further information contact Ansbury on 0800 358 3888 to book an appointment or use Adviser Online to speak to an adviser.